Home Market TR8's 


I have researched the records in Heritage and as a result can state that there were only 18 RHD home market TR8's built at Solihull with the first batch of 9 being put through the manufacturing process late 1980, however they weren't released from manufacturing until after the Christmas holidays so the build records show the final build date as being Jan 5th. I have to conclude therefore that all 18 were built/completed in 1981 contrary to a number of publications giving two batch's of 9 in 1980 and another 9 in 1981.

I have recently received information that suggests that two TR8's one Silver and the other Green were built on the production line at Canley to UK Home Market Spec as test production run cars for the assembly line at Solihull this would make the total number of UK TR8's produced 20 (at the same time approximately 10 1981 model year LHD TR8's were also built again as test production run for Solihull). Further research has now found a further two TR8's built at Solihull - see below -now suggests there may be as many as 30 RHD DHC TR8's and a large number of FHC RHD TR8's.

Extra 2 Solihull TR8's recently identified - record cards appear to be missing from the Gaydon records!

Chassis Number Built Colour Paint Trim Code Location Engine No Original Reg
TPADV7AA 402289 1980/1
Blue Check
England 20E00001 D70OGJ
TPADV7AA 402932 1980/1
Blue Check
England 20E00002

In order to put the record straight on these almost mythical cars the information for these cars appears in the correct numeric order in the build records for Solihull.

Type approval for a RHD TR8


See below for 18 of the RHD home market 1981 Solihull TR8's build cards

402960UK.jpg (359848 bytes)TR8 UK/402960403014UK.jpg (395138 bytes)TR8 UK/403014403024UK.jpg (351346 bytes)TR8 UK/403024

403034UK.jpg (387397 bytes)TR8 UK/403034403044UK.jpg (356512 bytes)TR8 UK/403044403054UK.jpg (351060 bytes)TR8 UK/403054

403062UK.jpg (388288 bytes)TR8 UK/403062403072UK.jpg (353472 bytes)TR8 UK/403072403082UK.jpg (396594 bytes)TR8 UK/403082

403592UK.jpg (371318 bytes)TR8 UK/403592403731UK.jpg (385492 bytes)TR8 UK/403731403736UK.jpg (368900 bytes)TR8 UK/403736

403741UK.jpg (399278 bytes)TR8 UK/403741403746UK.jpg (351522 bytes)TR8 UK/403746403751UK.jpg (381378 bytes)TR8 UK/403751

403761UK.jpg (398875 bytes)TR8 UK/403761403764UK.jpg (394836 bytes)TR8 UK/403764403767UK.jpg (362316 bytes)TR8 UK/403767

Information from British Car Auctions at Measham confirm that 22 registered and 14 un-registered cars were sold by them in the period August - September 1981. It is strongly believed that the 18 cars above were included in the auctions. Some data is available on the cars sold - see below

7th August 1981, Cars in - White, Midas Gold, and Champagne.

14th August 1981, Cars in - Bordeaux Red, and Persian Aqua.

21st August 1981, Cars in - White (auto), Persian Aqua, and Triton Green.

28th August 1981, Cars in - White, Persian Aqua, and Pharaoh Gold.

4th September 1981, Cars in - Cavalry Blue, Triton Green, and Bordeaux Red.


Other than the obvious RHD steering all the 18 UK TR8's had the commission plates on the suspension turret ala other UK spec cars - see below.

403044UKCP.jpg (389568 bytes)

Information as to what happened to some of these cars is scarce - three went to the Patric collection and were sold of later when that collection broke up - one before it reached the Patric collection - two were used by BSM for advanced driving - others ? - so I'd be very grateful for information anyone has on what happened to the others.

Additional UK Spec TR8's built at CANLEY and SPEAKE

Chassis Number Built Colour Paint Trim Code Location Engine No Original Reg
TCG/F 101521 1977 RED WHITE BLUE Rally England 11E00033 EKV397T
TPADV7AA 212809 1980
Grey Stripe RAF England 10E00601 MHP404V
TPADV7AA 212xxx 1980
Tan Check
England 10E00602 NWK988W